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"This family is absolutely fabulous and did a magnificent job at repairing, stretching, and cleaning our carpet! They are professional, kind, reasonably priced, and very good at what they do. I have gone through several different carpet cleaning companies in the past, but now that I know what the Pfeiffer's can do I will always use them! Thank you again to the Pfeiffer family."- Ashley S.
"I have used Pfeiffer's for almost 30 yrs. They take pride in their work and if I felt there was a area that wasn't as clean as I thought it should be, they would come back out and re-do it until I was satisfied. I've used them not only for my carpets but also my furniture, including my antique furniture. They do a outstanding job and are great people to work with. They are very reasonable on their prices and do quality work." - Lynn I.

"I have used them since about 2000 and they have never not been able to remove any stain I've had. A friend dropped a cup of coffee that splattered everywhere. I was not aware that it is one of the hardest stains to remove. We had to wait two days for them to come (I think it was a holiday or something.) In the meantime my husband used our own carpet cleaner and everything he could think of. Not a good thing to do- it can make the stain set. I could just barely see a few of the larger stains when they [Pfeiffer's] were done. He [Bob] put one last thing on it and said to check it in the morning. It was completely gone! They also came back to see the next day.

Our next mishap was red wine. Gone.

They are courteous, professional and great to work with. The price was in a good midpoint. I've recommended them to everyone who has ever asked. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

 I was not asked or received anything in return for this review." - Debbie M. (Edgewood)

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