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The “Stay Beautiful” Program is a regular programmed carpet maintenance agreement where your carpets “stay beautiful” all the time with a twice yearly cleaning for the price of one.

How much is this maintenance agreement going to cost me?
After we perform and you pay for your initial carpet cleaning we then set you up on a regular pay schedule of about 10% per month of your initial carpet cleaning. However, for this low per month fee you receive an “all open areas” cleaning at the six month intervals PLUS the same cleaning (including furniture moving if originally scheduled) 12 months later at no extra charge. So basically you are getting two cleanings per year for the price of one! (Even better with the Stay Beautiful Program you also will receive discounted prices on other services performed while we are working in your home).

What payment methods are available if I decide to go with Stay Beautiful Program?
We keep the plan cost low (and your hassle factor too) by scheduling a regular automatic charge from the credit/debit card that you choose. You are always automatically e-mailed a statement immediately upon withdrawal.

NOTE: All client information is kept in our secure data base and we use security encrypted software for all your financial transactions.

What if I want to cancel my “Stay Beautiful” maintenance program?
Simple! You can cancel your membership at any time and for any reason. (Even though honestly up till now the ONLY reason anyone has left our program is because they are moving out of our service area!) To cancel or modify your Stay Beautiful agreement, just give us a call or e-mail. If you leave the program any unused funds you have paid in can be:
a) applied toward a final cleaning of your home
b) used for an initial cleaning of your new home if it is located in our service area
c) given away as a gift certificate or
d) we will write you a check within three business days after receiving your cancellation.

We keep our costumers for years based on reliable, superb service – not a restrictive contract!

So this Stay Beautiful plan sounds good for me. What’s in it for you?
That’s an easy one! You likely already know the great job we do in your home. And all our clients always intend to have their carpets cleaned every six months to at least once per year. But we find due to the “hassle factor” of scheduling the job etc. many of our customers just don’t get around to it. So all of us (including our customers with their dirty carpets!) suffer. With the Stay Beautiful program we make it easy and economical for our customers to keep their maintenance schedule they’ve always intended to follow “on track”!