Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best method of cleaning the carpets in my home?
To get the straight answer for this often asked question, let's go right to the manufacturers of carpet. DuPont and Shaw Industries, two of the world's largest manufacturers, recommend hot-water extraction (steam cleaning) to maintain the warranty on your newly installed carpets and to keep them maintained year after year.
How long will it take for the carpets to dry?
There are many variables that will affect drying time including air temperature, humidity, air movement, and room size. Generally it will take 2-8 hours to dry completely (depending on weather conditions), however our technicians will always use high-speed dryers to shorten the drying time as much as possible.

Will hot water extraction ruin my carpet?
No! Grit and sand ruin carpets. Frequent vacuuming and regular cleaning will prolong carpet life and protect your investment.

Why should I call a certified cleaner?
Certified cleaners have attended one or more schools of training, including cleaning and restoration of carpets. The testing and certification is conducted by the IICRC- The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, Restoration, and Certification. This assures consumers of high-quality service.

Why do you people charge by the square foot?
We charge by the square foot because it is a more fair method for our customers. Everyone wants a "fair deal" and to get what they pay for. Your cleaning price is determined by the type of your carpet, the degree of soiling, and the amount of furniture you would like us to move for you. This is why we offer a free quote inspection service.

Can I just measure my rooms and then give you the measurements?
You sure can and we'll try to help you over the phone. BUT, to give you and exact amount for the cleaning, it would be best to have our knowledgeable technician do a free Pre-inspection of your carpets.

I have a cat and dog that have "occasional" accidents. Can you remove the odors and stains?
We specialize in the removal of pet stains. As long as the carpet dye has not been damaged, we should be able to remove the spots and deodorize to remove most of the odor. Your cleaning technician will be able to test the rugs to determine the degree of damage and give you an idea of the degree of restoration you can expect.

Do I have to remove the furniture?
Don't worry about a thing! The cleaning crew will carefully move your furniture out from the wall, clean under it, and put it back in place with foam blocks or foil tab protectors underneath it.
Of course, some items we find it is better to leave in place and clean around - like very full bookcases that we can't move loaded. If you want us to move a book case or china cabinet, we ask that you have it unloaded. However, most of our clients leave them where they are and we edge clean around them.

Why shouldn't I rent a machine at the store and clean it myself?
That is a valid option for you to consider. Before you go through the ordeal of cleaning your own carpets, here's something to consider. Rental machines can do an acceptable job IF they have been maintained, IF the chemicals have been approved by the fiber producers, and IF you spend enough time and effort.
Unfortunately, those are pretty big IF's!
You have a large investment in your carpet and if you use the wrong chemicals or techniques, you may void the warranty or damage the carpet. Most people who have cleaned their own carpet seldom do it again.

Why should I call Pfeiffer's?
The most important factor in cleaning is the technician. Our technicians have extensive training and experience. Our policy is to provide the ultimate cleaning experience, polite and courteous personnel, and thoroughly cleaned carpets with a minimum of inconvenience to you. We guarantee our work 100%. If you are not satisfied, we will return to make it right, and if needed, refund your money withing a fair amount of time.


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Is re-applying the Scotchgard finish worth the money?
Scotchgard Protector is well known for being best-in-class on carpet. It works by surrounding each individual fiber, protecting the entire carpet for a complete stain and soil shield. This allows a "reaction time" in blotting up spills and prevents accidents from becoming set-in stains. It's no wonder that Scotchgard Protector is the industry favorite (and ours too!) for reducing cleanup time and keeping maintainence easy.
Most new carpet does come with a protectant already applied, however with foot traffic and dirt, this will wear away with time. After having the carpets cleaned in your home, re-applying the Scotchgard finish will keep your investment looking fresh!